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Great Start Readiness Program is a TUITION – FREE
Serving children in Sanilac County

Why should you consider preschool for your child?
Attending a high-quality early childhood program prepares children to be successful in kindergarten and beyond.  Experts agree that children who have quality early learning experiences are better prepared to be successful in school and throughout life. 
Sanilac County’s tuition-free preschool opportunities, Head Start and the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP), both use research based curriculum to prepare children both academically and socially for success in school.

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)
· Tuition-free preschool program funded by the State of Michigan
· Program for 4 year olds
· Children of all abilities can participate
· Lead teachers are degreed in Early Childhood Education
· Two teachers for every 16 students
· All programs are 4 full days a week
· Research based curriculum that include health, safety, literacy and social development.
· Childcare to extend the day may be available in some programs
· Meals are provided.
· Parent involvement is encouraged through classroom volunteers, parent meetings, activities, and GSRP advisory board
· Home visiting is required

 How my child qualifies for a GSRP program:
· Must be a resident of a Sanilac County  ISD School District
· Must be 4, but not 5, on or before September 1st of the current school year
· Income must be within the Federal Guidelines and  documented with current income tax  return (or other supporting documents) or must have one documented risk factor for consideration.
· Children with a diagnosed disability (current IEP) along with income guidelines

For a listing of specific requirements visit
or click here to review the Sanilac ISD GSRP Readiness Program Preschool Handbook

What if my child is not eligible?
Some areas offer different tuition based   programs.  Apply for Great Start Preschool Scholarships on the home page of the GreatstartSanilac Website under preschool.
For a listing of licensed programs and STAR ratings visit: and then click on:  Find Childcare.

Sanilac County Schools
Please contact GSRP in the school district you live in to see if your child is eligible

Brown City
GSRP 810-346-4700
Carsonville-Port Sanilac
GSRP 810-657-9318
Head Start/GSRP 877-243-2211 
GSRP 810-679-1300
GSRP 810-376-9785
GSRP 989-635-7427 
GSRP 810-378-5200
GSRP 810-648-2488

For more information about the work of Great Start in your community, please contact:
Great Start Collaborative – Sanilac
Karolyn McEntee, Director
46 N. Jackson Street
Sandusky, MI 48471
Phone: 810-648-2200 Ext 4108
Fax: 810-648-2275

      Belinda Hill-Ureel, Early Childhood Specialist
810-648-2200 ext. 4132

Julie Foley, Early Childhood Contact/Specialist
810-648-2200 ext. 4117


These materials were developed under a grant awarded by the Michigan Department of Education